About Us

EHS Map is a learning service provider and consultancy firm established to provide learning and consultancy services in the areas of Fire Safety, OHS, Environment, Security, IT, Soft Skills, Food Safety and Academic Learning Services for Students and Facilitators.

EHS Map helps the industries to establish, implement and maintain QEHS Management System (QEHS - Quality, Environment, Health and Safety), Emergency Response Plan, Emergency Preparedness, Incident Management, Business Continuity Plan, Fall prevention Plan, Risk Management, Integrated Management System, Environmental Aspect and Impact Assessment, EHS Committee, Incident Investigation and audit preparation.

EHS Map aims to provide training courses for Managerial, Supervisory and Worker Level for all types of industries. EHS Map also provide customised in-house learning services on demand of customers.

EHS Map are keen to provide Environmental Services to the interested stakeholders for better indoor and outdoor comfortability. Environmental services includes Land Scape Design and Services, aesthetic view, indoor environmental services and pest control.

EHS Map has intention to provide recruitement services for the best fit of the manpower with the workplace.

Our Name:
We choose our name as EHS Map from the inner intention to transform the present EHS Map of Bangladesh to the pollution free, healthy, safe and comfortable EHS Map for all.

Our Logo:
Briefly, our logo represents the bees house as a sign of hard working, quality, teamwork, task oriented, precise, discipline, skill, leadership and strong administration.

Our Vision:
To provide quality learning and consultancy services to the interested parties.

Our Mission:
To prepare customised learning services and provide consultancy to the interested parties to help them run the business smoothly, prevent accident and maintain sustainable business with customer satisfaction and confidence.